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About Eternal Employment

Eternal Employment is a trade program designed to offer on the job trade training to people who choose to pursue them. 


Copied From bylaws:

To establish a permanent nonprofit organization to engage in Christian (that holds to a King James Bible Impeccable Christ Jesus Consciousness and, “Christ Consciousness” Centered Worldview) ministry and mission as delineated below, which will have the following specific purposes and powers:

(i)         “to stimulate business and industry to use its resources and open its doors for opportunity to the oppressed,1” in order to be “…serious about applying our Christianity to the needs of fellowmen, we ought also to share from the storehouse of blessings and opportunity…,”1 additionally to provide “This kind of option could possibly train (all) youth to learn certain trades and develop skills. (Potentially some) …could begin in an internship capacity and in this way be given the opportunity to have more choice in determining their future.  This (being) our mandate;”1 and to use all legal and prudent means available to prepare ex-offenders (Felonious or Misdemeanant), immigrants, persons suffering with homelessness, addiction(s) and the formerly addicted, or other persons with non-clinical challenges or those underemployed to re-enter the workforce and connect with marketplace jobs or develop trade and/or entrepreneurism skills within and without the Commonwealth of Kentucky; and

(ii)        to work with all available governmental and nongovernmental entities, both for profit and nonprofit, to further this purpose.

  1. To organize, promote, foster, assist (whether financially or otherwise), and conduct such charitable, scientific, literary and educational enterprises, activities and institutions, as from time to time may be determined, selected, or decided upon by the Corporation’s Board of Directors consistent with the purposes stated above.
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